one beat, indivisible
whole above parts
order by number of beats
most even to least even, prioritize large first 
2^(N-1), where N is number of possible beats
six/eight time, or a waltz of eighth notes
as the scale increases, patterns and self-similarity become more apparent

a coloring book for J.S. Bach:
J.S. Bach, Violin Concerto in Am (BWV1041), violin solo
J.S. Bach, Brandenburg Concerto 4, violin solo
J.S. Bach, Invention 4 in Dm

shade indicates frequency (dark : high)
Erik Satie, Gymnopédie 1
Philip Glass, Metamorphosis 1

- subdivisions prefer to be center justified. this is a system aware of its boundaries, unlike binary counting, where the subdividing would be left or right justified.
- weighting ranks long notes before short notes, which reflects a study in which classical composers exhibit the same tendency.

* In this instance of Glass' piece, eight note oscillations are grouped as quarters, if this rule is embedded, no data is lost.